Capture Sources

Our technology provides several methods for capturing content from the web for archiving, offering the most robust coverage available.

Entire Websites

Archive Web Site Entire websites can be automatically captured using our custom spidering technology, which automatically finds all webpages within the site, giving you all the control and functionality you need.

Individual Pages

Archive Web Page Individual webpages can be archived with ease by simply entering the page URL — perfect when you need to archive specific pages of your website.

Blogs & Social Media

Archive Site Social Media Your company and employee blogs and social networking communications can be archived with ease using a combination of our capture sources.

RSS Feeds

Archive RSS Feeds RSS is a common publishing technology online. Archive the contents of any RSS feed using our feed module.

Scheduled & On-Demand Archiving

On-Demand Web Archiving With our web archiving application you can completely automate archiving to recur at a set schedule according to your web record management policy. On-demand archiving allows you to turn archiving processes on and off when necessary.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly archiving
  • Custom scheduled archiving
  • On-demand archiving — Manual start/stop of existing archiving setup.

Application Console

Web Archiving Application Console The Reed Technology Web Archiving application console is one of the most feature rich and professional consoles available. This console was built from the ground up with workflow, ease of use, and speed in mind.

  • Thumbnail images of archived pages for quick browsing
  • Folders to customize and organize your archives
  • Tags to group together archived pages on the fly or automatically
  • Search bar allows for keyword/key phrase search across your entire archive or within certain folder/tag/date combinations.

Plus Much More

Our web archiving service provides many more features and capabilities. To find out more about our service please contact us .

Web Archiving White Paper

Web Archiving White Paper Business and government websites change everyday. Web archiving captures these changes, creating a fully searchable repository of a website's history.

Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Archiving Your Email and Other Electronic Content discusses how Web archiving can reduce costs of operating your business.

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