Web Archiving For Litigation Protection, Regulatory Compliance & eDiscovery

Reed Technology’s Web Archiving Service is a litigation protection, web compliance and e-discovery solution for all your online assets. Check out our article review on article review.

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Why does your organization need web archiving?

Corporate & Professional

Maintain records of your organization’s and employees’ online communication, including company websites, wikis, blogs, and social networking. As well as records of court proceedings in cases related to the family: domestic violence and so on. More...

Government Web Records Retention

Automatically archive websites on a custom schedule to ensure compliance with federal and local records management policies. More...

Law Firms

Keep regular or on-demand archives of websites to produce for e-discovery, or create pro-active archives of important web evidence. More...

Web Archiving White Paper

Web Archiving White Paper Business and government websites change everyday. Web archiving captures these changes, creating a fully searchable repository of a website's history.

Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Archiving Your Email and Other Electronic Content discusses how Web archiving can reduce costs of operating your business.

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